California Mayor Launches 'Inspirational' Exhibition of Garden Statues

A rather unique collection of garden statues is finally to get its first exhibit, in Carson California.

Construction work on the International Sculpture Garden, began last November, and the first garden statue to grace it was unveiled this week – Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, the democracy and human rights campaigner who died in 1896.

The bronze statue is almost seven feet tall, and will stand atop a six foot granite base. Other inspirational statues are to follow, according to Carson Mayor Jim Dear, who came up with the idea. Mr Dear tolanimal d the local paper that he wants the garden to be both a place where people can enjoy public art, and a “walking history museum, where people can take their children to learn about heroes from around the world.”

He added that the garden's theme is “Heroes of Liberation, Freedom and Justice from Around the World.”

Closer to home, UK householders tend not to be looking for something quite so epic in scale, preferring garden statues that create a relaxing environment, such as animal statues, or Buddha statues. Still, if you're in Carson, California in the next few months, it may be worth a visit, just to be inspired!