Easter egg hunting tips from your garden statue

I stand firm in all weathers and require nothing of you but, if you listen carefully, your garden statue has a few tips that may help your green fingers to find you an Easter egg.

You seek them here, you seek them there, you seek them everywhere and yet those pesky Easter eggs are still hard to find! One place you can be sure they won’t be is near your garden pond as nobody likes to eat an egg that is dripping with green slime. At this time of year, the algae in your pond will have been growing apace but once your oxygenating plants start to grow, they will use up the nutrients that the algae feeds on and create shade, reducing the amount of algae in your pond.  To speed up the process, simply place a bag of barley straw in the water and as the straw breaks-down, it will use up the nutrients in the water and help to clear the pond of both algae and blanket weed.  Make sure you remove the barley after six months otherwise it will pollute the water.

Pot plants are a perfect place to hunt for Easter eggs as people never like to hide Easter eggs on the ground.  If you find an egg then you should reward your pot plant by taking it out of the pot, trimming back excess roots and replanting it with new soil compost. Don’t forget to water even if there is a hosepipe ban as the water in your water butt is ideal for renewing a pot plant’s energy.

If you are still searching for an elusive Easter egg then take a look at me, your garden statue. You can guarantee that there will always be an egg hidden somewhere on your statue and in reward I hope that you will give me a spring clean and scrub away any moss or mildew.