Easter tips from your garden statue

“I stand firm in all weathers and require nothing of you but, if you listen carefully, your garden statue has a few tips that may help your green fingers.

A lovely long weekend is upon us and despite baking sunshine and snow in Scotland, I know that you will want to join me in the garden. Did you know that April is the time when orchids are at their peak?  It is also the perfect time to plant lavender and give your garden a bouquet that the bees will love. Don’t forget – lavender is available in pink and white as well as shades of blue and purple.

Moss may not grow on a rolling stone but it certainly does on your lawn. There are some good brands of moss killer available and although the moss will turn black in its death throes, you’ll soon be able to pulls it out and plant fresh lawn seeds with a mix of compost.  Of course, if you want to avoid the pigeons enjoying a good meal at your expense, cover the area with netting or twigs.

April is the time to get out and dead head your spring bulbs that have given you such joy this year.  The process of dead heading encourages plants to store vital energy in their bulbs rather than using it up through the production of seeds.

Ne’er cast a clout until May is out... in other words, it is still too early to plant your summer bedding unless you have a greenhouse. At this time of year, it is possible to be basking in glorious sunshine and then shivering with a ground frost. Of course, not if you’re a statue like me.