There are many ways to attract wildlife to your garden – whether it is through bushes known to attract butterflies, a bird table or a garden pond, but another excellent way to ensure your garden has a flourishing eco-system is through the judicious use of garden water features such as fountains.

Fountains are not only a wonderfully relaxing feature for any garden, if used as part of a pool it can keep water fresh and aerated, making it a great home for fish and frogs, but it is also a good water source for visiting birds and squirrels, as well as all the insects and creatures that birds and frogs like to eat.

There are many guides available online as to the best way to place garden water features for the 'greenest' effect, and your supplier may also have a few ideas of their own. Be sure also to listen to your own instincts, though, as you will be the one reaping the benefits!