Your garden statue’s spring tips

Come rain or shine I’m here for you and, if you listen carefully, I have a few spring tips that may help you make the most of your garden.

Get out there and start digging; it’s time to plant trees and shrubs to enable them to be bedded in before the first winds of autumn and Jack Frost can do any damage. Also, at this time of year, if you have plants in pots and other containers it is time to add fertiliser and begin regular watering.  It may be that a plant is root-bound; in which case, trimming off a few excess roots will help as long as you reinvigorate the soil with nutrients. Bulbs, such as tulips need to be dead-headed so that the plant recharges its bulb rather than concentrates on the development of seeds. If you fertilise your bulbs, it will help to ensure a bumper bloom next spring.

Spider mites, lace bugs, aphids and other undesirables are making an appearance on the leaves of trees and shrubs; spray and spray often with your bug killer of choice if your azaleas and rhododendron plants are to enjoy a good summer’s foliage.

Weeds love spring and are growing apace; now is the time to get at those weeds before they gain strength and multiply.  In other words – weed now and weed hard!

Give a gardener the right tool and the garden will bloom.  Garden work requires gloves and good tools that are clean and sharp.  Perhaps it is time to recycle your old shears and buy new tools that will take less of a toll on tired muscles. Gloves can wear quite easily and although it may be tempting to chop and prune without gloves – don’t!

A quick last thought - your garden statues may need a gentle clean if we’re to look at our best, but try and avoid hard scrubbing!

Happy Gardening!