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  1. Alnwick Garden Statues Are Alive!

    Alnwick Garden Statues Are Alive!

    Visitors to The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland next month will be able to walk among – and in some cases become – some very unusual garden statues.

    Working in partnership with a Newcastle-based circus outreach company, Let’s Circus, the garden's curators have organised the Still festival, an event which will explore the theme of “living sculptures.”

    Taking place between August 23 and 28, organisers hope that it will be a big enough success to be repeated every year. A number of installations, dreamt up by four professional artists, intend to drawn upon the tradition of garden statues such as water features, religious icons to inspire peacefulness like buddhas or animal statues of lions, gargoyles or other mythical beasts.

    One installation will incorporate the human element into a series of garden statues detailing the meta

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  2. Creating That Mossy Look For Your Garden Statues

    Creating That Mossy Look For Your Garden Statues

    When visiting the gardens of historical or stately homes, one of the many features that creates a truly antique and historical air is the moss-grown garden statues and garden planters.

    With more and more people taking advantage of the excellent quality clay and cement garden statues available online, thanks to their aesthetic charms and the beautifully relaxing air they create, it is little wonder that many householders are inquiring how they can encourage the growth of moss on their own statues.

    It is naturally unrealistic to expect brand new and top quality garden statues to come with the moss already on them, but it is a swift and simple process to set the ball rolling and in just a few weeks to have your very own moss-grown garden statues.

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